After working in the corporate world for a little over 16 years, the idea of going back to full-time office work was not very enticing especially when I had two young children to care for.  Becoming a VA was a natural progression for me and something that I have enjoyed ever since.


With over 27 years of experience as a Personal Assistant and working with Executives, Directors and CEO's, I knew that my skills and expertise would greatly benefit Executives in assisting them with their administration woes.  I have been affectionately known by many as their wing woman, an extension of yourself, working in the background to make you shine.


I have worked for many industries including Banking & Finance, Publishing, Construction, Financial Services,  Travel and NFP’s.  Many of these roles have taken me from Sydney to the UK and more recently settling in Brisbane by the bay.


I am highly organised and enjoy working with Executives to make their work and personal life run smoothly. 

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